BakFlip F1 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

BAKflip Backflip F1 Closed Bed BAKflip Backflip F1 Rear Panel Open BAKflip Backflip F1 Half Bed Open

BakFlip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Combining impact resistant polymer reinforced fiberglass and the lightweight strength of an aluminum structure underneath The BakFlip F1 is considered flagship model fiberglass tonneau cover in BAK Industries hard cover line-up.  Dependable strength with the ability to take impacts, BakFlip F1 hard folding tonneau is a great year round truck bed cover that looks good and delivers a solid efficiency.

Technical Specs of BakFlip F1 Tonneau Cover:

Panel exterior:
Aluminum underside FRP Fiberglass top
Panel core:
EPS (insulated) 3.5 lb. density
Panel frames:
Aircraft grade aluminum / black powder coat
Hair cell texture
1/2 inch (OD)
Flush style corrosion proof EPDM rubber
Weight rating:
500 LBS. – evenly distributed
Size of box:
68x23x8 (inches)
Weight of box:
60 LBS
Install tools:
1 x 15mm wrench
Wash normally with soap and water / 3M formula 303 UV protection.
3 year – with lifetime warranty on all rubber hinges
Rubber trim
Upgraded scuff protectant
Upgraded injection molded
Additional upgrades
Glow in the dark emergency release

BAKflip Backflip F1 Full Bed Open Position BAKflip Backflip F1 Folding Up Cover BAKflip Backflip F1 Closed Folding Tonneau

BakFlip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Features

BAKflip Backflip F1 Flush Hinge Design BAKflip Backflip F1 Fold Past 90 Degrees BAKflip Backflip F1 Heavy Duty Latches BAKflip Backflip F1 Superior Rail Design


Flush Hinge Design
The BakFlip F1 has a unique flush hinge design. It performs better in all weather conditions and is guaranteed to last longer than your truck. The flush hinge minimizes water and ice build up on top of the tonneau cover as well.
Folds beyond 90 degrees
BakFlip F1 is designed to fold past the 90-degree point. This is critical to minimizing wind flow, to allow full visibility of the 3rd break light and to drive safely at high speeds.
Heavy duty latches
BakFlip F1 has heavy duty latches that are encased in an injection molded plastic for enhanced performance and ergonomics.
Superior rail design
BakFlip F1 tonneau cover rails have a 1/8 inch rail support surface that ensures a perfect fit every time. In addition it allows the cover to handle more wight on top of it as well as promoting superior resistance to water.

BAKflip Backflip F1 Warranty
BAK has a 1 year limited warranty on all products and a 2 year limited warranty on BakFlip HD.¬† BAK’s warranty covers factory caused damage and not damage caused by consumer or by random acts of nature.


Bak Flip F1 Tonneau Cover in Action

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