Save on gas this summer with these tips

Summer is here, and for a lot of people that means vacations and traveling. Toppers Plus has some ways you can help make your truck more fuel efficient, so you can save on gas and use that money on fun.

The first thing you can do is stay up to date on all routine maintenance, especially with your tires. A simple way to improve fuel economy is keeping your tires filled with the right amount of air. There are two driving habits you can adjust to make your truck more efficient: accelerate slowly and avoid idling. These three simple steps can help make a difference with your truck’s fuel economy.

Toppers Plus sells some great add-ons that can help get your truck a couple more miles per gallon. The Bully Dog GT is a gauge tuner that monitors and tracks wasted energy in your truck. It has four functions: 1) a downloader that improves power, 2) a tuner to adjust engine, transmission and safety parameters, 3) gauges to monitor vehicle parameters like RPM and temperature, and 4) The Driving Coach, which shows you how to drive more efficiently. The Bully Dog GT can help you save up to 37% on your monthly fuel bill.

Adding a tonneau, or lid, to your truck can also help with fuel economy. The tonneau fits over the bed of your truck and reduces air drag. Toppers Plus sells all different types of tonneaus, including roll up, folding and retractable.

The last thing you can purchase for your truck is a cold air intake system. The system brings cooler air from under your truck’s engine bay to the engine. The cooler air provides more oxygen to burn, with increases power and fuel economy.

By adding at least one of these products to your truck this summer, you’ll be able to add more miles of fun per gallon to your vacation.

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